Ali Van & Wang Xu

Minnesota & China

Like an ancient abstract, we encounter a primeval connection, a human relationship drawn by its instruments and language (bow, brush), its movement and hands (brush, bow), its influence and geographies (bowing to brush, brushing to bow). A doe and a boar drawn over historical papers liken their human counterparts, lives apart feeding a final reveal in the performative martial drawing of a tiger/tigress before new spring.


Ali Van (b. 1986, New York) received her Bachelor of Arts from Yale University and Wang Xu (b. 1986, Dalian) received his Bachelor of Fine Arts from China Central Academy of Fine Arts.  Together, they graduated with their Masters of Fine Arts from Columbia University School of the Arts.  They collaborate in life and work, with interplay at the Queens Museum (New York, 2020), Power Station of Art (Shanghai, 2019), and Taipei Artist Village (Taiwan, 2018), to name a few.  Working today out of Minnesota and Hong Kong, Beijing and New York, Van and Wang look forward to their next project, when time and space permit being one and together again.

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