Luis Silva

Potomac, MD

Luis Silva’s writing and studio practice wander through the spaces and gaps provided by fiction and the world in search of imagination, the real, belief and the thread that binds them to us and how we see ourselves. The work makes use of fairy tale, fable, dream, myth, allegorical novella, moral play, and magical realism. His journeys propel the viewer/reader from forest to field using wit, emotion, discovery and joy. Beyond the fable, he takes pleasure in the process and history of two dimensional work. Formally, he attempts to intermingle drawing and painting in a challenge to space, form, ground, surface, decoration and abstraction that toys with tradition and novelty. He is currently developing a lengthy animation, titled “root, feather, butterfly: a fox’s tail”.

Luis Silva has exhibited at numerous international venues that include the Museum of Modern Art, Gramercy Theater (New York), the Corcoran Museum of Art (Washington, DC), the DALI Contemporary Art Center (Beijing), the Washington Project for the Arts (Washington, DC), the Neiman Center for Print Studies (New York), the Museum of Contemporary Art (Serbia), G Fine Art (Washington, DC), Fusebox (Washington, DC), and Artpoint (Miami), to name a few. He was born in Portugal and received his BA from Harvard University and his MFA from Columbia University. He is currently the Director of Graduate Studies at American University in Washington, DC.

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