Jennifer Nuss

New York, NY

Using woodcuts, gouache paint, layers on top of photographs, I attempt to create a narrative through the figure. I try to pay attention to even the slightest movement, each breadth, every blink of the eye, every flicker of a finger or toe movement. It divulges everything slowly, just as every mark in a piece of wood or copper is revealed. Not much can be hidden - which allows me to decipher what is truly important. The story unfolds slowly and sometimes clumsily, but I embrace the hiccups and mistakes as it allows the story to float outside the original intention, moving across space and time creating multiple layers of meaning. My work revolves around the female heroine, represented in many forms – proud, defiant, maddened, bored, alone – questioning womanhood and an individual sense of beauty and power. She comes in to character as a circus freak, Frankenstein, spirit beast or simply plain Jane.

Lives and works in Harlem.  Finalist for the New York Foundation for the Arts Grant in Film in 2015.

Recipient of the Guggenheim Fellowship, Joan Mitchell Award and NYFA for drawing. Recipient of the Marie Walsh Sharpe Foundation for the Arts residency.

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