Kurt Kemp

Sonoma County, CA

I believe that my ideas are a pebble cast into a pond, but no matter how personal, there are waves that reach others.

Reflections on family, religion, politics, and culture are all vital sources in the making of my work.  Through the use of drawing, collage, assemblage, and printmaking, the images unfold.  

The images portray experiences of struggle and fight-back but are kept in check by humor and absurdity.

In both the drawings and the prints the techniques are very important to the idea developed in the piece. Using multiple papers, smaller drawings and collage elements I hope to create a sense of memory that is interrupted by the tactile and visceral quality of the materials.

Printmaking has always been an important aspect of me as an artist. The development of the image over time and the variety of print technique and the extensive hand work all add to the psychology of the work.

Kurt Kemp is currently a Professor of Art at Sonoma State University in California. Born in Mason City, Iowa, 1957. Graduated from the University of Iowa with MFA ( with honors) in Printmaking. Have exhibited throughout the United  States  and internationally. He is in private and public collection throughout the U.S. including, Harvard’s Fogg Museum of Art in Boston, MA., Palace of The Legion of Honor, San Francisco, CA., Houston Fine Arts Museum, Houston, TX., and The Chicago Art Institute.

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