Trenton Doyle Hancock

Houston, TX

Hancock's prints, drawings, and collaged felt paintings present the artist's historic narrative of the Mounds a group of mythical creatures that are the tragic protagonists of his own devise. With each new series/project completed, the artist further builds on the saga of the Mounds and Vegans, two forces that are constantly dueling with one another and serve as a representation of the eternal battle between good and evil. The artist incorporates images of overflowing buckets, a rain drenched glowing pink abstracted head with eyes and two organic cones. For Hancock, "...prints are motors to get to the next work. In between working on paintings, I use prints to bring together formal systems and overlapping motifs to create new imagery and elaborate on ideas."

Trenton Doyle Hancock was born in Oklahoma City, OK in 1974. Raised in Paris, Texas, Hancock earned his BFA in 1997 from Texas A&M University, Commerce, where he was the lead cartoonist for the University paper. He went on to earn his MFA in 2000 from the Tyler School of Art, Philadelphia, PA. He currently lives in Houston, TX.

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